Our work

  • Bugis WebGIS

    It's a WebGIS system for monitoring of the risk zones for dangerous mosquitoes and ticks population near Danube river. You can check every risk zone for its biodiversity, monitoring data and what treatments with insecticides during the year has been used.

  • Ruse webMap

    It's a simple interactive cadastral map of the Ruse municipality. You can find information about all properties of the municipal authorities and generate a PDF for them.

  • Blackspots

    This webMap is a part of Traffic Monitoring system in Byala municipality. You can find where are the dangerous places, regarding the road safety - so called 'Blackspots'

  • Pirin App guide

    The Pirin National Park App contains all the information you will need to enjoy your adventure in this beautiful mountain.

  • Blackspots App

    In addition to Blackspots web map, we created an app for iOS and ANDROID, that can support you when driving through Byala region. The app show traffic conditions on main roads there and alarm you if a black spot is near.

  • Flood risk mapping

    Based on the requirements of Article 6 of Directive 2007/60/EC, Article 146e and Article 146f of the Water Act, flood hazard maps and flood risk maps shall be developed for all identified APSFRs. These were developed based on a “Methodology for Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Assessment” endorsed by the minister of the environment and water.

  • HereWeGo maps

    From early 2010 till today Here We GO (former Here Maps) is our key client for delivery precise, actual and very detailed databases for addresses and different types of land cover in Bulgaria. They still use our data base and of you have built in car navigation in Volvo, BMW or Mercedes car, you probably use some part of our very best spatial data sets.

  • National noise maps

    The year is 2014 and Natioanl Road Agency have to produce a GIS modeled set of maps of problematic road sections for the major ropad network. We won the concurs and produced on of our best thematic maps ever.

  • TomTom partnership

    In 2018 we signed NDA with TomTom and become trusted data provider for Bulgaria. It's our fourth big data client after Here We Go (Here Maps), A1 and Blizoo. We still deliver spatial data for them in 2020. Thank you, TomTom!