Web-based GIS with an integration of ERP System in Nature park “Strandzha” Directorate


System for an electronic presentation and supporting the activities of Nature park "Strandzha" with hardware and software provisioning


Directorate Nature Park “Strandzha”


Bitmap built a web-based GIS with integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for the purposes of Directorate NP “Strandzha”. The system brings together an interactive map with information for the visitors and system for the employees of the directorate.

Our team of experts collected data from MEOW and Bulgarian Federation biodiversity and created a single database, which is integrated in the internet based GIS of NP “Strandzha”. The different analytics functionalities, options for editing and visualization of the data in the web based system support the work of experts and employees of the Nature Park "Strandja" Directorate . The integration with ERP facilitates and improves the efficiency of the experts of the Directorate.

Meanwhile the rich opportunities of the interactive map and the information, embedded in it, are good guide for every visitor of the park.

Our team developed also a free app for Andorid and iOS. The App contains all that is necessary for a good planning of every adventure–tourist routes,  camping places, landmarks and others. The app has embedded GPS map with which the visitors can trace their routes and find the nearest to them landmarks. The app requires no additional mobile traffic and works entirely offline.

You can check the internet-based  GIS of NP “Strandzha” here:



Cohesion Fund
„Sustainable management and organization of Strandja Nature Park”
The project is realized with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund of the EU and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through the OP “Environment 2007-2013.”  Priority axis 3 “Protection and regeneration of the biological diversity”: project reg.DIR- 5113326-5-99, contract reg. N DIR-5113326-С-004, under procedure BG161PO005/11/3/3.2/06/27.