Making Geographic Information Systems is our core business. We develop both web GIS and desktop tools. We use only open source software and environment and charge our client only for our efforts, not for licenses.


Bitmap is a trusted partner of HEREWeGo, A1, TomTom and other GIS data users . We sell and keep updated spatial digital models for almost every real object/infrastructure/environmental component existing in the reality on the territory of Bulgaria. Rivers, soils, climate data, survey measurements, city models, addresses, roads&traffic databases and many more is available.


We provide solutions for spatial related problems using spatial analysis and map algebra. If you have a question for space or real life objects and their spatial relationships, we can find the trend and will give you answers and solutions.


GPS measurements, tracing linear objects, thematic maps preparation and production, geographic atlases, large scale drawings, 3D presentation and animation is our favorite projects. Because what is GIS without good maps and visualisation?


Sometimes consulting other GIS developers or users is a must for their project success. We are experienced, so if we are able to help, it will be done.


We have many hours teaching pupils, students or just trainees. All we can do is to teach you in GIS science and its application in ecology, urban planing, transport planing, etc. We have beautiful office, capable to provide up to ten seats for learning with all needed- computers, manuals and even soft drinks and chips. And the most important- we will teach you how to use the power of GIS technology in your work for better results.