Making Geographic Information Systems is our core business. We develop both web GIS and desktop tools. We use only open source software and environment and charge our client only for our efforts, not for licenses.

Here are some of our completed projects:

National Park Pirin App Guide, 2020

The Pirin National Park app contains all the information you need to plan your holiday and choose the most appropriate and interesting route for you. You have a great set of great tools: an integrated topographic map, the ability to locate your location in it, the location and identification of landmarks, hiking trails, chalets and many other important sites. During the hiking tour you will be able to see how much you have left of the route and what is left.

Byala municipality black spots, 2019

If you wonder where are the dangerous locations, with a lot of road accidents on the international road I-5, it’s worth to take a look on this project. The project results can be found in our interactive map on address: or in App Store and Google Play – Blackspots Byala. 
You can find a lot of useful information for the road safety there add even more- the app will assist you during your travel through Byala municipality and will alarm you if black spot (danger location, with a lot of historically concentrated road accidents)  is near.

Bugis, 2018

In 2018 we created National GIS for monitoring and control of insects populations risk zones. These areas are object of special screening due the danger of explosive growing of population off mosquitoes and ticks. That’s why the government and the municipalities use this system to record observations off the insects populations and the treatments every year. And the most important- the System is international and is used from more than six hundred Romanian municipalities to do their job of protection from insects.