WebGIS for fiber optic networks


Since the beginning of 2017 Bitmap Bulgaria has launched a new WebGIS service – Fiber Tools. It concerns Internet Service Providers (ISP) who wants to manage and develop their fiber optic network and its components efficiently. Network administrators will be able to create and edit the entire fiber optic infrastructure in a spatial environment with a detailed digital model of all streets, shafts, buildings, and special objects integrated. Like any GIS, Fiber Tools uses the location and interrelations between objects to retrieve information about specific network features. So far, we have developed two important transport tasks - routing to determine connectivity between two random points in the network and tracking a signal from a selected starting point. Both functionalities are very important for network administrators and are often used. Any ISP that has an interest in the service can write to us to make a demo account, to test the service free of charge and give recommendations and opinions. For more information, please visit or contact us!