Web GIS for renewable energy sources


Mapping of the energy demand, delivery and potential for the improving of the local energy mix of municipality of Kostinbrod


The manucipality of Kostinbrod, Asotiation VIVA PAUTALIA


The debut of Bitmap in internet based GIS is the project ENERPLAN. It is a kind of Energy Atlas for municipality of Kostinbrod, with embedded Web GIS technology that allows the mapping the spatial distribution of the energy consumption also the making series of spatial analysis for calculating the possibilities of producing energy from renewable sources. In the system can be reached what is the power consumption of each building in the municipality and the potential for its own production of energy from renewable sources - wind and sun!

We also made the same project for the neighbor Serbian municipality-Dimitrovgrad, covered under the IPA Cross Border Cooperate Program "Bulgaria – Serbia" 2007-2103.

You can visit WebGIS of renewable energy sources at:


Interreg - IPA CBB
Bulgaria - Serbia