Spatial 2D and 3D analyses

The influence of the spatial location of the objects on the status and development of a phenomenon is that, what distinguishes GIS from the graphical CAD/CAM systems or from the simple geographic visualization. This technology gives us also an answer оf the question "why" and not only of the questions "what" and "when" and that's why GIS is so exciting.

We have used GIS for spatial analysis in almost every project we have worked on. We apply different techniques for spatial interpolation, buffering, 3d qualification of visibility, cluster analysis, determining the density distribution, topology objects, mutual spatial relationship etc.

The quality of the 2D and 3D analysis is the exact reason, why we are preferred partner when our clients need answers of concrete questions and not only of the mapping service. We also offer three-dimensional simulations - flight over objects, simulation of urban and suburban environment, modeling of floods and fires, time analyses and many other simulations.