Interactive map of the water bodies in Bulgaria


Web based interactive map of the water bodies in Bulgaria, types of fishing objects, aquacultures and the way of using them


Executive Agency "Fisheries and Aquaculture"


In 2015 Bitmap created an interactive map, which is a web based Geographic information system (GIS), that became part of the official Site of Executive Agency "Fisheries and Aquaculture". The map allows the users to enter information about their hike or catch, to tag locations that are appropriate for picnic, as well as reporting poaching and pollutions. The interactive map allows uploading of photos and sharing them in the social media.

The map has many functionalities that are typical for every GIS system - data selection, retrieving information about objects or groups of objects, generating and drawing of own map etc. Everyone can register in the system and make markers, but the business users have additional rights to edit and functionalities to create different events. Every marked event or signal in the map can be used from Executive Agency "Fisheries and Aquaculture" for tracing the state of the water objects and the aquacultures in the country.

Interactive map of water bodies in Bulgaria can be viewed at:


Fisheries Operational Programme


The project is realized with the financial support of the European Fisheries Fund of the EU and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Fisheries Operational Programme /2007 - 2013/, Priority axis 5 'Technical support'.