The App for National Park “Pirin”


Mobile devices App (for iOS and Android) for National Park “Pirin”


Directorate National Park “Pirin”


Our team has developed the first map based app for national park in Bulgaria.

We set a goal to create the best tourist guide in the mountain. "NP Pirin" mobile app includes everything necessary for planning an adventure in the park. From the app you will learn where to find the most remarkable places and where to see the most beautiful views.

The app has embedded GPS map with which you can trace your route and find all the nearest landmarks. As there is no mobile cover across the park, we've developed the app in such a way that the map doesn't need a mobile cover and the application works just fine.

The different sections of the app are:

  • Tourist routes - information for the length and the transition time;

  • Places to sleep - all hut and shelters on the park territory;

  • Recreation areas - the permitted locations for camping in the National Park;

  • How to behave in the park and what to do in case of trouble;

  • Cultural and natural attractions in and around the park area;

  • Locations where you can find out more about the park - information centers and other info locations;

  • Protected plants and animals - who are they, what is interesting about them and how do they look.

  • Gallery.



Cohesion Fund


„Sustainable management and organization of Pirin National Park and Tisata Reserve”
The project is realized with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund of the EU and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through the OP “Environment 2007-2013.”
Project reg.DIR-5113325-3-91.